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Innovative efforts have put Coast Crating and Packaging at the forefront of our industry in a short period of time with our product line Specialty Asset Protection (S.A.P.). Our team has spent countless hours developing niche approaches that are unique and set us apart from other suppliers. We fulfill standard Crating and Skid Assembly requests with the highest industry standards. The CCP Team Listens, Designs, Implements, and Delivers and our results are unsurpassed!

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Meet The Team


Jennifer Kay

Vice President

“I have 27 years in the industry and can honestly say the energy and talent we have at CCP is the best. My passion for design that becomes reality by the team inspires me daily. We have something special at Coast and we truly deliver the highest quality products.”

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Mikey Kerkes

Enterprise Account Manager

“When you deliver the quality of product we do it makes me proud and driven to see how we can sell to even more markets than we do today. Our team makes it happen. The Coast Companies compliment each other and the future of our businesses is exciting!”


Esther Palacios

Project Management & Administration

“I’ve been able to work in all of the different Coast Companies. The opportunity to now to be involved with CCP is awesome. Every day is busy and challenging. Its so exciting to see how much stronger our team gets literally daily. We have such a professional team at CCP and its inspiring to see our customer base grow daily.”

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Gabe Cuevas

Shop Foreman

“I’m proud of the quality we deliver. I’m proud of all the guys in the shop and their hard work everyday to make sure we deliver the highest quality. The communication between myself, the office, and design team is great. We’re the best at what we do.“

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